Friday, February 12, 2010

Published Books and Papers

Books authored
  1. Ahlul-Bait Rasulullah SAW dan Kesultanan Melayu
  2. Mencari Sejarah: Tun Mutahir Tun Ali, Bendahara Seri Maharaja Pahang (1857-63)
  3. Institusi Bendahara: Permata Melayu yang Hilang
  4. Melayu Islam Beraja: Menggali Hakikat Leluhor
  5. 110 Soal Jawab Melayu Islam Beraja
  6. Ahlul-Bait Rasulullah SAW, Dinasti Melayu dan Akhir Zaman
  7. Siri Kiamat Hampir Mejelang (4 Jilid)
  8. Sesungguhnya Tuhan Kamu Tidak Bermata Satu
  9. Perang Bendahara Pahang: Menelusi Peranan British
  10. Tun Seri Lanang: Sejarah dan Warisan Tokoh Melayu Tradisional
  11. Ketuanan Islam dan Pertuanan Raja-Raja Melayu
  12. Ahlul-Bait (Family) of Rasulullah SAW and Malay Sultanantes. An English translation of Ahlul-Bait Rasulullah SAW dan Kesultanan Melayu
The upcoming books by the blogger
  1. Dunia di Ambang Kiamat
  2. Cita Sempurna Melayu Islam Beraja & Ahlul-Bait Nabi SAW
  3. Menjawab Tiga Persoalan Institusi Raja-Raja Melayu

Working papers presented include
  • Pensejarahan Perang Saudara Pahang: Suatu analisis Semula
  • Tun Mutahir Tun Ali : Legasi Akhir Institusi Bendahara Warisan Melaka.
Both paper presented in Seminar Sejarah Genealogi Malaysia-Penjawim, in the Academy of Malay Studies, University Malaya, 30th Janauary 2003.

Actively involved and participated in Seminar Sejarah Tun Seri Lanang setelah 4 Abad, organized by the Pahang State Government with the cooperation from Federal Ministry of Culture, Arts and Culture and Malaysia Historical Society, Pahang Branch on 17th September 2005.

2 papers presented in Majlis Ijtimak Ulamak Pondok Nusantara 2 in Yayasan Jenderami, Selangor. 12-15 April 2007.
  • Peranan Ahlul-Bait Rasulullah SAW Terhadap Perkembangan Tamadun Melayu Nusantara
  • Peranan Ahlul-Bait Rasulullah SAW Dalam Pemerintahan Islam di Nusantara

Blogger's Biodata

(Tun) Suzana (Tun) Hj Othman was born on 28th November 1965 in Singapura and has a degree in Economics from Australia National University, Canberra. She is the third child of veteran Malay actor (Tun) Hj. Othman, better-known as Hj M.Osman and his wife Hajjah Moliana Afidah. The deceased Hj. Othman is a great great grandchild of Raja Bendahara Seri Maharaja Tun Mutahir Tun Ali, the ruler of Pahang 1847-1863.

Tun Mutahir is a 6th generation descendant of Bendahara Seri Maharaja Padang Saujana Tun Habib Abdul Majid of Johor, the father or patriarch to three Ahlul-Bait Sultanates in Malaysia, that is the Sultanates of Pahang, Terengganu and Johor. From the mother’s side, (Tun) Suzana is descended from the Radens and Sunans of Java.

She is married to Hj Muzaffar Dato' Hj Mohamad. Hj Muzaffar Dato’ Hj Mohamad was born on 9th December 1964 in Kuala Lumpur. He is a great-grandson of Raden Ma’arof from the palace in Java, also a grandnephew of Dato’ Panglima Dagang, a noble from Dewan Undang Rembau, Negeri Sembilan He received his Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering from Perth, Scotland along with Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence (LWTR,UK). He now works as an airline executive.

They have done a lot research on the genealogies of Malay rulers especially those related to the bloodline of Rasulullah SAW. The couple took their own iniative to dig back the true history of the Malays and their institutions after having been disappointed by the skewed perspective of history provided by the from the Orientalists and Modernists’ point of view. They have produced a number of books and working papers.

Hj Muzaffar and (Tun) Suzana are blessed with seven children, three male and four females. The family have visited a number of nations throughout the world including Australia, UK, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the ASEAN countries.